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Even Michael B. Jordan has come down with a bad case of Tiger fever

The Tiger Woods effect is real, people. Just days after Woods' improbable, incredible, inspiring Masters triumph, we've already seen tough-to-get-on tracks across America flooded with A-Z listers who, at this time last week, probably hadn't swung a club in a months. First there was D-Wade, who kicked off retirement on Wednesday by chugging rosé and chopping it around some immaculately manicured Florida swampland. Then surfing legend Kelly Slater cited Woods as a primary surfing. No sooner had we digested those, however, and suddenly Michael B. Jordan—of Black Panther and Creed fame—was on the scene to one-up them all.

If you're wondering how the other half lives, this isn't a terrible snapshot, with Jordan and his crew touching down at a sprawling villa in some faraway land (Hawaii, if we had to guess from all that black rock) before heading out to the course for an afternoon of serious drinking and casual golf. There's more pink stuff in more wine glasses—apparently the hot new cart drinking trend—plenty of expensive sneaker porn, and even a few solid swings, including Jordan's unique one-handed follow through.

Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 11.21.46 AM.png

But let's not get caught up on the form. That's not the point. As MTV host Steelo Brim says in the clip, although it took the crew two hours to play two holes, they didn't fly halfway around the world for golf, but for "love and to enjoy one another." That's not exactly the Tiger motto, but Woods did get a shout out from Jordan by way of Chris Rock in the early-aughts anti-classic, Down to Earth. 90s kids, you might remember this one...