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The Nailer

Josh Naylor is the unhinged home-run hype machine this planet deserves

A few weeks ago, we introduced you to Josh Naylor—Cleveland Guardians first baseman and certified maniac—after he crushed a game-tying 9th-inning grand slam and then a game-winning 11th-inning jack to almost single handedly take down the White Sox. But it wasn’t the late heroics that grabbed headlines, it was the home-plate histrionics.

At the time we thought that was pretty wild, but it was positively restrained compared to the reaction the Nayl Gun (still workshopping nicknames here) had to walking off the Minnesota Twins on Wednesday. Here’s the homer …

… and here are the fireworks.

Dude straight up nearly kills Terry Francona with that headbutt. But the best part is that as soon as that ball went over the wall, Francona knew what was coming. He knew Hurricane Josh would soon be barreling across home plate and he put on his hard hat. Naylor’s reputation is getting around not just the dugout but the league. This dude runs so hot not even a bucket of ice water can phase him.

Absolutely psycho stuff and we love it with our whole hearts. So keep it going Nailer, don’t let the world change you. We’re huge fans of your work and we can’t wait to see what’s next.