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Greinke Tales

Zack Greinke allegedly pretending to sign a kid’s ball and instead throwing it into the stratosphere might be the best Greinke tale yet

Zack Greinke is a weird guy. An ace, one of the best of his generation, to be sure, but a bit odd. Whether it be trying to close fantasy football trades midgame, purposefully beaning his own teammates during spring training in order to see more batters, or randomly showing up to the basketball park by his house to hoop with 12-year-olds, full bedhead and all, the legend of Greinke precedes him wherever he goes.

This has a two-pronged effect: A. When we first hear a new Greinke story, we are naturally predisposed to believe it is true and B. With each passing tale, there’s a higher and higher likelihood that it isn’t. We’re now faced with that very Catch-22. This weekend one of the greatest Greinke stories yet emerged from Kansas City, and while we so badly want to believe, there's a strong chance it is nothing more than fan fiction.

The story goes like this: This weekend a Royals fan asked Greinke to sign a ball. Greinke came over as if he intended to do exactly that, but instead of signing the ball he turned around and hurled it as far as he could in the other direction. When asked why, he allegedly replied “for my amusement.”

This one reeks to high hell, if we’re being honest. Then again, this is Greinke we’re talking about; a man who makes Max Scherzer look positively sane by comparison. Plus that photo is real, and if that isn’t the look of a man who’s about to hurl some kid’s baseball into space just for kicks, we don’t know what is. Like Bigfoot, Roswell, and Tupac, we may never know the whole truth, but we choose to believe ... for now.