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Jordan Spieth tells funny (and kind of scary) story about playing Tom Brady at Augusta National

February 08, 2019

It's been well established that Tom Brady, in addition to having a golden arm and a perfect chin dimple, is one of the most competitive athletes in sports history. You can't win six Super Bowl titles without being ruthless (Or, probably, without Bill Belichick as your coach), and you have to love winning more than all else to take the beating of playing in the NFL for two decades (Of course, it helps that Brady hardly ever gets hit). And yet, every once in awhile we still hear a story about Brady's competitiveness that makes us realize just how differently the dude is wired than just about everyone else.

On Friday, it was Jordan Spieth's turn to tell a Tom tale on The Dan Patrick Show. And the three-time major champ shared a recollection of the time he nipped Brady in a match at Augusta National (giving strokes, of course), which prompted the Patriots quarterback to give him the silent treatment at lunch. Have a listen to this funny, yet kind of scary look into how seriously Brady takes any competition.

"He made bogey and I made birdie for a two-shot flip on the last," Spieth explains in the clip. "And you're supposed to go in at Augusta and, you know, have lunch, and hang out, and he didn't say a word to me for like an hour and a half. I mean, the most competitive, like, I feel like I've very, very competitive, and he is the most competitive human being I've ever met."

Counterpoint: Tom Brady is. . . a sore loser? Where's Skip Bayless to spread a hot take when you need him?!

But seriously, a football player getting that upset over losing to one of the best golfers in the world on the toughest golf course to get a tee time on the planet is a little much, no? Imagine how mad he gets when he doesn't win the Super Bowl?