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Jordan Spieth subtly daggered caddie Michael Greller while discussing his pickleball prowess (or lackthereof)


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Jordan Spieth and Michael Greller have never been afraid to call each other out. Their back and forth is part of what makes their player-caddie relationship so great, and so long-lasting. Even the shots that appear serious, like the time Spieth essentially blamed him for two poor shots at the 2019 U.S. Open, are quickly forgived and forgotten. This time, though, Spieth may have gone too far.

OK, we're half-kidding, though this was quite the subtle jab by the three-time major winner at his longtime looper. On Tuesday at Congaree, site of this week's CJ Cup in South Carolina, Spieth was asked about his future in pickleball after his exhibition match last Thursday night. Spieth teamed up with good buddy Scottie Scheffler, who is an apparent pickleball nut, against top American tennis player John Isner and NBA legend Dirk Nowitzki. While Spieth enjoys playing, he wasn't in love with the fact that he was clearly the worst player of the group with a number of fans on hand watching. 

"I'll tell you, it was a really weird feeling going in front of a big crowd knowing you were the worst on the court," Spieth said. "I didn't like that at all. I'm fine in front of a crowd if I know that I've practiced and I'm good at what I'm going to do. But I wouldn't say like I'm bad, but when you're the worst of the ones that are going to be on there and there's like 500 people there, you're like this kind of stinks, I don't really enjoy this."

That's when Spieth, in a potential attempt to deflect, took aim at poor Mikey. 

"So I asked Michael, is that what it's like when you're hitting shots at like 17 at Sawgrass or 16 at Phoenix," he added. "I'm like, is this kind of how it feels? He's like yeah. He's like, that's why I'll either hit it really close or I'll miss the green." 

Quality burn, though a bit unfair considering Greller is a fine player himself. Given there are usually three other caddies in the group when loopersr take aim at the island green each year at the Players, Greller is probably not THE worst member of the posse like Spieth on the pickleball court. But the joke still landed. Hey, somebody had to pay for that epic dagger from Isner