Jordan Spieth is just as electric (and talkative) playing pickleball as he is on the golf course

October 14, 2022

We should probably just acknowledge that The Loop is on the brink of being taken over by pickleball content. After all, it's all the rage right now as the fastest-growing sport in the country. Even among other star athletes.

Even LeBron James and Tom Brady have gotten involved by investing in teams playing this combo of tennis, badminton and ping-pong. And I don't blame them. We were playing pickleball in high school PE over two decades ago (Shout-out to Coach Finegan!), long before it became cool. And it was freaking awesome.

So it should come as no surprise that a couple star golfers, Jordan Spieth and Scottie Scheffler, participated in a pickleball exhibition match on Thursday night against NBA legend Dirk Nowitzki and pro tennis player John Isner. (By the way, good luck getting it past those two up at net!)

It also should come as no surprise that Spieth is just as electric—and talkative—when playing pickleball as he is on the golf course. Check out this clip of him talking to his the ball:

And how about this insane rally?

It looks like it ended with a misfire from Spieth, but what a point! Who says golfers aren't athletes?!

And who says pickleball isn't a sport? Well, actually, no one is saying that these days. Pickleball. So hot right now.