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This Jordan Spieth-Michael Greller conversation, and the resulting shot, was peak Jordan Spieth-Michael Greller

The phrase "I just don't see it Jordan" should be on Michael Greller's tombstone some day. "Here lies Michael Greller, loving father, husband, legendary caddie, man who kept telling Jordan Spieth he just didn't see it."

The thing is, even when Greller is probably right, Spieth often proves him and all of us watching wrong. Jordan sees shots everyone else simply can't, including his own caddie, who, in fairness, has seen Spieth fail to pull off some hero shots in his day. So his cautiousness with the three-time major winner is often warranted.

But Jordy wouldn't be Jordy if he didn't ignore Greller and go rogue every now and then, which is exactly what he did on Thursday at the Charles Schwab Challenge. In the clip below, you'll first hear Greller utter those hilarious (in retrospect) words - "I just don't see it Jordan," to which Spieth replies "what don't you see?" That's deep, man. 

Spieth then explains his plan. "I was going to hit a straight punch cut at the cameraman and just get it to cover over the water and hit it hard." Greller attempts to express concern, but to no avail. Fortunately for him, Spieth ended the conversation by telling him "it's on me," meaning whatever happens, Greller will still keep his job afterward. Obviously, you know what happens next:

Doesn't get much better than that, folks. This is why people pay to watch Spieth play golf, and we'd venture to say he's often the most "worth the price of admission" golfer in the field any time he tees it up. A five-hour roller coaster ride of epic proportions. Just imagine what it's like for Greller.

Three holes earlier, the duo had a similar conversation, which again resulted in Spieth magic:

Quick, somebody tag Colt Knost and Freezing Cold Takes together.