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How the. . .?

Behold the craziest (and greatest) 75 ever shot in a professional golf tournament

May 26, 2022

The advent of (Golf) Twitter has made us aware of some jaw-dropping scores out there, particularly around this time when every low handicapper thinks they have a chance to qualify for the U.S. Open. But what happened in a mini-tour event on Wednesday was about as wild a result as we've seen. Well, that we've heard about, that is.

As is the case with many of these occurrences, we were made aware of this remarkable situation by Fire Pit Collective's Ryan French, AKA Monday Q Info on Twitter. The score in question isn't particularly high or low. It's a 75 shot by a pro golfer named Cameron Starr in a Minor League Golf Tour event.

So what's the big deal? Well, see for yourself:

We've seen plenty of 42-33s, but this is on another level. As you can see, Starr shot four over for the round despite being ELEVEN over through five holes. That's basically impossible. Usually golfers who are ELEVEN over through five holes wind up shooting triple digits. OK, not usually, but every time. That's just a remarkable comeback. That's Justin-Thomas-at-the-PGA-Championship level grit.

Obviously, Cameron, has some ability. He just forgot that he had any ability for those first five holes in the opening round at The Florida Club, where a $6,000 purse is on the line. Starting on No. 6, though, he went birdie-birdie-eagle before making his first par of the day on No. 9. He added four more birdies against just one bogey on the back. Wow. Just wow.

After, Starr was proud of at least getting to check off one career goal:

Yep, Cameron, you made it. By making the craziest 75 in golf history.