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Masters 2022: No one has ever been more pumped for another player’s Champions Dinner than Jordan Spieth is for Hideki Matsuyama’s

As hard as it may be to believe, the story du jour at Augusta National wasn’t confirmation that Tiger Woods, a little over a year after nearly losing his life and leg in a car accident, would play in the 2022 Masters (probably, maybe). It was Wagyu beef. A5 Wagyu beef to be specific, the crown jewel of Hideki Matsuyama’s Champions Dinner menu unveiled Tuesday morning.

Across the golf world opinions were split. Some called it the classiest Champions Dinner spread in Masters history. Others said they would rather order from the pub-grub menu (a thing you can do apparently). A few, like Dustin Johnson, were merely bewildered.

The best reaction of the day, however, belonged to Jordan Spieth, who was practically licking his chops at his press conference on Tuesday afternoon.

The authenticity of that “ohhh yeah” cannot be questioned. It’s from the heart, sure, but more importantly it's from the gut, where science tells us hunger originates. Spieth wasn’t done there, though. Unprompted, he waxed at length on Matsuyama’s menu, telling reporters ...

“I'm very excited. I played the Dunlop Phoenix in Miyazaki back in 2014, and I might make a lot of people mad in the state of Texas, but it's the best beef I've ever had. To be serving that tonight on top of miso cod and sushi to start, I'm very, very excited. I saw it today. I had no idea what route he was going to go, and I'm excited to shake his hand and say thank you at the end of the night. I might have to get carted off.”

So there you have it, folks. The answer to your most burning question: Jordan Spieth, big surf n’ turf guy. Here’s hoping he doesn’t go too hard on Tuesday night, however, otherwise that green jacket might be a little snug come Sunday.