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'I can hear you gambling off the back of the green': Jordan Spieth hilariously handles loud fans at Sentry

Anyone who has ever attended a live golf tournament knows that there are noticeable lulls in the action, particularly if you're parked on one hole in order to watch all the players come through. To pass the the time, some fans like to literally live bet on each group that comes through.

On Thursday at the Sentry Tournament of Champions, that's exactly what two fans were doing on the par-4 12th. The exact bet in question, and the dollar amount that was exchange, is unclear. But we know it happened thanks to PGA Tour Live and a perfectly placed hot mic, and because Jordan Spieth called the two guys out for it. 

No, Spieth wasn't telling them to call 1-800-GAMLBER or imploring to bet with their head and not over it, he actually appreciated the move. The problem? These two guys were betting too loudly while Spieth was attempting to putt out for par:

"I appreciate the exchange of money," Spieth says to the two fans. "I'd be doing the same thing, but I can just hear you gambling right off the back of the green." 

Hot mics never fail. As you may have noticed in the clip, Spieth couldn't have been cooler about this, connecting on a fist bump with each guy. Wager away, gents, but just do it quietly. The most impressive part of this clip? Commentator Billy Kratzert having the presence of mind to stop talking so we could actually hear this exchange. The content gods work in mysterious ways.