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Jon Rahm sets up Meal Train for Max and Lacey Homa after the birth of their son, understands the pains of being a Tour Dad

November 04, 2022

On All Hallow’s Eve, Max and Lacey Homa welcomed their firstborn son, Cam, into the world. It was a massive, life-changing moment for the Tiger Woods of Golf Twitter, but as any new parent can tell you, it was not without its own set of challenges. Sleepless nights, nagging anxiety about that eventual learner’s permit, and, of course, the hospital food. My god, the hospital food. Thankfully for the Homas, a thoughtful coworker by the name of Jon Rahm has been there and done that (twice), and wanted to help out …

You love to see it. People helping people. Tour Dads helping Tour Dads. So much perspective there’s perspective pouring out of our eyeholes. You think Tiger and Phil were sending each other Meals on Wheels at the height of their rivalry? Hell no. They were more likely to poison each other. But the times have changed. This is a softer, gentler tour, and as much as we love a good rivalry, camaraderie can be even better.

That said, let’s see if this heartwarming show of humanity continues in 2023. Sure, Rahm and Homa seem like nice guys—heck, they might even be friends—but it’s a Ryder Cup year. All bets are off. It’s dog eat dog … or should we say dad eat dad?