Fightin' Words

Jon Rahm reveals the worst celebrity golfer he’s ever played with, might be about to get his butt kicked

February 22, 2024

Have you ever wondered how professional golfers really feel about the never-ending parade of athletes, celebrities and CEOs they get paired with at pro-ams? Are they occasionally impressed with their golf games or do they quietly scoff at the topped tee shots and skulled chips of their A-list amateur brethren? Well, to hear Jon Rahm tell it, it’s a bit closer to the latter.

On Thursday’s episode of The Eli Manning Show, Rahm was asked who the worst celebrity golfer he has ever played with was. Instead of turning the tables right back on Eli, the reigning Masters champ delivered a surprising answer: Future first-ballot NFL Hall of Famer J.J. Watt.

This was unexpected for several reasons. First of all, if you’re going to call someone out for sucking at golf, it shouldn’t be someone who can turn your body into a carnival balloon animal with their bare hands. Second, Watt is an elite athlete who has been playing golf for years. Of all the celebs Rahm has played with over the course of his career, we didn’t think he’d be the worst, and judging by Watt’s reaction, he didn’t think so either.

Rahm tries to turn the knife in the back into a backhanded compliment saying, “I tell him all the time he’s too strong. You can’t be that strong and that big and play golf,” but the damage is done. We’ll see if Rahm and Watt are able to patch things up, but if not, there’s one last way to settle things:

The Oklahoma Drill.

Rahm might have the edge on the golf course, but that should settle the score once and for all.