A Happy Accident

Johnson Wagner says he “wet himself laughing” after watching his Zapruder ball-throwing segment at the Players

The real star of the Players Championship wasn’t Scottie Scheffler—the tournament’s first-ever back-to-back champ—or Wyndham Clark, one brutal lip-out from dragging the World No. 1 kicking and screaming into a playoff. It was mustachioed, dad-bodied former PGA Tour pro Johnson Wagner, who became Golf Channel’s crash-test dummy darling on Thursday as he violently whipped range balls into the TPC Sawgrass turf in an effort to debunk Rory McIlroy’s controversial first-round drop.

The Zapruder-like segment propelled Wagner to instant viral stardom and led to an equally hilarious encore on Friday. But how did Wagner—by all accounts a salt-of-the-earth fella—deal with his sudden rise to fame? Did he shrink from the spotlight like Xander on the back nine on Sunday? Did his ego inflate like a hot-air balloon? No. He simply “wet himself laughing."

A true man of the people. Not only did Wagner admit he nearly wet his Jockeys when he first saw himself hurling fastballs in the dirt like prime Randy Johnson, but he also told SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio that fans at TPC Sawgrass spent the rest of the weekend asking him how his shoulder was holding up.

“The shoulder’s 100%” he assured everyone. That’s good news for golf fans, because Tommy John surgery would surely rule him out of the U.S. Open, and we all know "Live From" is going to need their ace in the rotation.