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John Daly shared his secret steak sauce recipe and it’s going to change the way you grill this summer

It’s barbecue season. All across America, seasoned pros and well-meaning hacks are firing up the grills for cookouts, campouts, pig outs and more. There will be dogs. There will be burgers. There will be stuffed portobellos and fresh lobster tails. But most of all there will be steak. Just ask John Daly, who was seen whipping up some ribeye tips for the hungry Dicks Open fans on Wednesday. There Daly divulged a secret that might change the way you grill this summer:

His special steak sauce recipe.

Soy sauce, balsamic vinaigrette, garlic pepper, Montreal seasoning and, of course, a little whiskey. Crafting a steak sauce recipe without a dab or two Worcestershire takes some serious cojones, but Daly has never been a guy to follow the rules.

We honestly can’t tell you whether or not it’s any good. Usually we’d say In John We Trust, but his namesake Arkansas steakhouse lasted less than a year before shuttering, so take it with a pinch of salt. But both fortune and flavor favors the bold, so go ahead and give it a try this summer. And if you really want to pay tribute to the big man, hit that sauce with a splash of Diet Coke. What could possibly go wrong?