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John Daly celebrates his birthday with fantastic live performance of an underrated classic

April 28, 2022

John Daly is best know for crushing golf balls, but the guy also grips it and rips it when it comes to a microphone. We've covered Daly's underrated music career here before—as well as the fact that he likes to cover Bob Dylan's "Knockin' on Heaven's Door." A LOT. As in, he's probably performed it more than Dylan himself.

But on Wednesday, people were treated to a rare live performance of another classic. A classic that happens to be written by Daly himself.

If you've seen the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary on Daly, "Hit it Hard," you're familiar with the song of the same title. The tune comes from his second of three studio albums (true story), and it's an absolute banger that I'm not afraid to admit I downloaded from the iTunes store.

But for whatever reason, Daly almost exclusively seems to perform "Knockin' on Heaven's Door." Maybe because those he's performing with—like Kenny G—aren't familiar with "Hit it Hard." But man, does it slap hard. And to celebrate his 56th birthday, Daly grabbed the mic (and a beer) and showed that his pipes are still in top shape. Have a listen:

Well done, John. Especially that middle finger salute. And shout-out to the guitarist as well. What an absolute shred-fest. This is going to have to give Daly's iTunes sales a boost.

OK, back to your day, everyone. And no matter what you're doing, remember to HIT IT, HIT IT, HIT IT HARD!