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In honor of Bob Dylan winning the Nobel Prize, a look back at all the times John Daly has covered "Knockin' On Heaven's Door"

October 13, 2016

Bob Dylan was an unusual -- but appropriate choice for this year's Nobel Prize in Literature. The award is given for a lifetime of writing and not just a single work, and are good lyrics not poetry? We thought so.

And we're pretty sure John Daly agrees. After all, he's recorded a pair of albums himself -- and BOTH included covers of Dylan's classic tune, "Knockin' On Heaven's Door."

It's become a fitting anthem for a man who won a $150,000 bet (he settled for a bottle of booze) from Fuzzy Zoeller just for making it to age 50 in April. As the title of both his best original song (We did an in-depth look at Daly's music career) and his upcoming ESPN 30 for 30 documentary suggest, Daly likes to "Hit it Hard." But yes, he also really likes this song.

Daly's renditions of the famed song don't end with his albums. He's performed "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" live many times throughout the years in a variety of settings. In fact, it seems like it's the only song he ever plays in public.

Here's a look back at all of those performances. OK, not all, or we'd be here all day. Seriously, there are hundreds of videos on YouTube.

Here's Daly performing the song in Myrtle Beach:

Here he is performing it (with some self-deprecating lyrics) on a golf course in Myrtle Beach:

Here he is performing it in Myrtle Beach just days after suffering a collapsed lung!

Here he is performing it in Thailand:

Here he is performing it with Tom Thayer of KISS:

And here he is performing it with Taylor Hicks:

We'll cut it off there and mention that unfortunately, a particularly good duet he did with Kenny G in China in 2014 is no longer available. Keep your eyes peeled and maybe it will resurface. In the meantime, we're fairly certain there will be a lot more videos coming of Daly crooning Dylan. Well, one particular Dylan song, that is.