No Laws

Of course Joel Dahmen was crushing white claws while watching Sam Burns win in a playoff

It's no secret that today's PGA Tour pros are very buddy-buddy, a fact the players of the 1960s and 1970s might scoff at when they reminisce about their time on tour. While that may have made for better drama and/or rivalries, it's difficult to find anything wrong with cheering each other on and congratulating one another after cashing six-figure checks like we see so often in today's game.

It's truly impossible to find anything wrong with what Joel Dahmen did on Sunday at the Valspar Championship. Following his T-39 finish, which only earned him $29,250, Dahmen was out watching the playoff between Sam Burns and Davis Riley, and he didn't come empty-handed. See if you can figure out what Dahmen is holding on to when he embraces Burns after Burns buried a bomb of a putt to go back-to-back at Innisbrook:

Oh yeah, that's a delicious White Claw, because if you don't come out and watch the playoff with a cocktail in hand then you didn't really watch the playoff. And in case you were wondering, no, he didn't bring just one claw. Dahmen is way more seasoned than that:

That's what makes all these hard seltzers in their slender cans so great - they are perfect for the back-pocket slide in. The only beer that's good for that is Michelob Ultra and, well, let's just say Mich Ultras are not everyone's first choice. 

By the way, the whole "everyone on tour is friends with each other" thing is pretty much proven by this video. Who knew Dahmen and Burns were so tight? Having said that, I'm not so sure Daniel Berger will be jumping into Dahmen's arms after a victory any time soon.