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Hitch a Ride

U.S. Open 2022: Joel Dahmen was stranded at The Country Club on Friday evening after the valet gave his car to someone else

Car trouble, so hot right now. Earlier this week, we shared the trevails of Akshay Bhatia, who was forced to rent a U-Haul to make it to the Wichita Open when it turned out he was too young to rent a car in the great state of Kansas where every road is flat and straight and kids start driving at the age of seven.

But that was hardly the end of the vehicular carnage, which struck U.S. Open co-leader Joel Dahmen on Friday night at The Country Club. After firing a two-under 68 to secure his first-ever 36-hole lead on the PGA Tour, Dahmen made his way to the parking lot. When he got there, however, his car was nowhere to be found. We know this because Dahmen immediately called into the No Laying Up podcast to report the news live on the air.

The prevailing theory was that the valet must have given his courtesy car to some other mustachioed guy wearing a bucket hat. Making matters even more ridiculous was the fact that the Netflix cameras—filming for the forthcoming PGA Tour docu-series—were shadowing Dahmen as he stood in the parking lot, thumb in the air. Perhaps Netflix producers took Dahmen’s car to manufacture drama? HOW DEEP DOES THiS RABBIT HOLE GO??

Anyway, conspiracy theories aside, here’s hoping Dahmen will shake off his transportation troubles in time for his 3:45 p.m. tee time on Saturday. If not, at least he can blame the valet.