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Joe Kelly went to the Joe Kelly mural and made the Joe Kelly face

September 11, 2020

Bob Levey

Like Ken Bone and Chewbacca Mask Lady before him, we keep waiting for Joe Kelly to get milkshake ducked. It’s been over a month since the Dodgers journeyman nearly saved baseball by throwing behind Carlos Correa, making THAT face, and then getting suspended a whopping eight games by the MLB, becoming an instant martyr overnight. Kelly came close to cancelling himself soon after, admitting he had a bigger problem with Astros players snitching than Astros players cheating, but has pressed on undeterred, achieving cult-like status in the process.

This week, Kelly-mania reached its zenith when LA artist Jonas Never painted a giant mural of Kelly’s cry-face on a Silver Lake building ahead of the Astros’ visit to La La Land next week. It’s a nice piece that has earned The Loop’s coveted Seal of Artistic Approval.

But what is a portrait without its subject, and thus the man/myth/legend himself showed up to pay tribute on Thursday, making the Joe Kelly face in front of the Joe Kelly mural in a power move fit for Cooperstown.

You really do love to see it, Kobe jersey and all. We’re still waiting for the other spike to fall with Joe—does he hate puppies? does he like pineapple on pizza?—but for now, the dubyas keep coming. And with that run support, we don’t see that changing anytime soon.