Jessica Korda slam dunks chip, shouts "KOBE!" for delightful LPGA highlight

April 15, 2021

As one of the oldest millennials on the planet, it's always nice to see the younger generations (whatever they're called) appreciating the same things my friends and I did growing up. And one of those things was shouting, "KOBE!" when you make a long shot.

It was just something we did—like watch "Seinfeld" on NBC every Thursday night. If you missed an episode back then, there was no telling if you'd ever see it again. Man, kids have it good these days, huh? They've probably never even seen a VHS tape.

Anyway, it's refreshing to know the youths haven't forgotten Kobe Bryant or the act of saying his name after pulling off some crazy attempt. And as Jessica Korda showed on Wednesday, it doesn't have to be on a basketball court.

The 28-year-old (wait, she's a millennial too!) LPGA star slam dunked an eagle chip during the first round of the LOTTE Championship and gave this classic reaction—even throwing in a shooting motion to boot. Check it out:

KOBE! KORDA! Well played, Jessica. And if you're also a "Seinfeld" fan, then you're really alright in my book.

Korda shot an opening 67—same as younger sister Nelly—and is three shots behind Brittany Altomare and Yuka Saso. A few more "KOBE!" moments, though, and she should have no trouble tracking down the leaders.