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NBA Draft prospect Jericho Sims casually smacking his eye socket on the rim mid-dunk is your terrifyingly athletic video of the day

Kids these days. They just keep getting better. They just keep getting bigger. They just keep getting school bus leaf springs for legs. Pretty soon they’ll be literally jumping out of the gym, especially if NASA’s report of a wobble in the moon’s orbit bringing gravitational changes to ol’ Planet Earth in 2030 is true. Case in point: Texas center Jericho Sims, who delivered the unassuming Dunk of the Summer at his Klutch Pro Day on Tuesday, casually levitating so high that he hit his eyeballs on the rim. Houston, we have liftoff.

Sweet fancy Moses. Sims is descending when the rim clips him in the face at eye level, and lest you think a dunk needs to be a windmill, through-the legs 720 in a Superman cape over Baron Davis in a Kia to be impressive, just check out how some of the biggest and bounciest reacted to Sims’ now-viral slam.

It’s probably worth noting at this juncture that Sims is 6’10”. Scary stuff, especially for the first vet who tries to take a charge on this kid only to get Frederic Weis’d live on Bally Sports this fall. Join us in wishing a preemptive RIP to that poor sap, because there’s nothing stopping Sims now. Not after this.