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Jeopardy! filming on hiatus as Alex Trebek recovers from brain surgery

January 05, 2018

Alex Trebek has been filling our heads with trivia as the host of Jeopardy! for more than three decades. But over the holiday break, Trebek had to attend to his own noggin, undergoing surgery to remove blood clots in his brain.

The good news is that Trebek, 77, is expected to make a full recovery. And yes, the show will go on.

According to Deadline, filming is on hiatus for now, but fans won't be able to notice because episodes are taped months in advance (Side note: Keeping it secret that you've won on Jeopardy! has to be one of the hardest things in the world) and Trebek, who underwent his successful operation on Dec. 16, is expected to be back in studio by the end of January. So to all the vultures out there, don't bother sending in your resume. Trebek, thankfully, isn't going anywhere just yet.

The show's Facebook page shared this video message from Trebek on Thursday in which he revealed his condition, subdural hematoma, was brought on by complications from a fall he had in October:

Good to hear you're doing OK, Trebek. And way to stay on brand with that hat.