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Jeopardy! buries the New York Mets six feet under with absolutely vicious clue in 'Flags' category

The New York Mets already take enough crap from a lot of people—their own fans, New Yawk's Numbah One, their own damn play-by-play guy and this here website (and many others). The last thing the franchise needed was to take crap from Jeopardy! but that was the unfortunate case for the Metropolitans on Monday night.

When things have gone as bad as they have for the Metsies, everybody begins to pile on, including Alex Trebek, whose pancreatic cancer is miraculously near remission. Whether fully healthy or not, though, Trebek wasn't going to be dethroned as king of the game-show dagger, as he displayed on Monday night's episode with this vicious clue that buried the Mets six feet under. The clue was in the "Let's talk about flags" category. Though it sounds impossible for the Mets to earn mention in said category, it just so happened the team was in the first clue chosen by one of the show's contestants, Jason. Have a watch:

Goodness gracious Trebek, hasn't the fan base been through enough? How many Mets fans sat through a weekend of the Mets getting walked-off not once, not twice, but THREE times against the San Francisco Giants? Then, those same fans finally got a day off of watching them with the Mets traveling on Monday. Then, they sat down to watch Jeopardy! an escape from the Mets, and got hit with this clue in double Jeopardy? I'm not sure how much more these poor folks can take.

And it's not like this was a baseball clue, or even a "saddest fan bases clue." This was a clue about freaking flags, and the writer of this clue went completely out of his or her way to take a pot shot at the Mets just because. Must be a Yankees fan. Actually, no, whoever this is is definitely a Mets fan that is so fed up with the Wilpons that they're embarrassing them on purpose on national television.