Instant Revenge

Heckler shouts “work out your legs … you have no power!” at Jeff McNeil, who responds with a two-run jack seconds later

In this economy, where gas costs a kidney and orange juice isn’t far behind, you gotta be careful writing checks with your mouth that your wallet can’t cash. The last thing you want to do right now is get out over your skis and rack up thousands in emotional debt. It’s time for consolidation, not risk. Just ask this San Francisco Giants fan, who could be heard shouting “work out your legs, you’ve got no power, no power!” at the Mets’ Jeff McNeil on Monday night seconds before McNeil responded with a two-run jack.

It got even worse for this poor soul as well, as McNeil’s homer opened the late-inning floodgates for the Metropolitans, who tacked on seven runs in final two frames—hammering the Giants position pitching without mercy—to cruise to a 13-3 victory. Life comes at you fast. Baseball comes at you faster.

Let this be a lesson to us all. Keep your mouth shut, mind your own business, and, most importantly, know your target. McNeil is a scratch golfer. Just because he has chicken legs, doesn’t mean he can’t move it. As the late, great Chubbs Peterson once said, it’s all in the hips.