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Jayson Tatum gets one of the softest technical fouls you’ll ever see, it’s somehow worse than you think

November 15, 2022
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We dabble in hyperbole here at The Loop, but … this might be the worst call ever on an NBA court.

The NBA has become renowned for some ridiculous and soft calls, and this is the epitome of what’s wrong. We’re not clamoring for the “good ol’ days” when players sometimes evolved into UFC fighters, however, there’s certainly a going too far when it comes to penalizing on-court behavior.

Enough dilly-dallying. Here it is.

Even Kevin Durant had to get his two cents in, exclaiming how putrid this call was.

Like what are you supposed to do there? Not clap? This wouldn’t be a second thought in a middle school contest. He’s upset, he clapped, let’s move on.

This is the stuff that the NBA rightfully gets made fun of for. The point of having a referee is for no one to notice what they do, not for them to make a call that immediately gets ridiculed into oblivion.

At least the technical foul was given to someone on a Boston team. That part is actually great.