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Beers For Cutty

Chugging a pitcher of beer just to get a picture with Jay Cutler is a move we simply must respect

Last time we checked in with Jay Cutler, he was spying on whatever animals were eating the chickens in his backyard. That was just two months after his divorce with Kristin Cavallari, so it was nice to see he was keeping himself occupied.  

Now long retired from football and seemingly retired from reality television, Cutler has all kinds of free time, and in that free time the former quarterback enjoys skiing, at least according to his Instagram account. Somehow, despite being all masked and goggled up, a fan recently spotted Cutler in the wild at a ski resort, prompting the fan to ask Cutty for a picture. Cutty obliged on one condition: chug a pitcher of beer. 

The fan, who obviously loves Jay Cutler a little too much, wasted no time: 

As you can see, this man appears to be a diehard Chicago Bears fan, further proof that Bears fans will literally do ANYTHING for just serviceable play at the quarterback position, which is what Cutler gave them for maybe three or four of his eight seasons there. Can you imagine this fan base gets a taste of Deshaun Watson? Might as well start building his statue now.