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Jay Cutler unknowingly pitched the perfect TV show on his first-ever Instagram story

If you enjoy the steaming pile of trash that is reality television, or live with a woman who does, chances are you’ve come across “Very Cavallari.” The show follows former “Laguna Beach” star Kristin Cavallari as she …. Well, I have no clue what she does. The real star is Jay Cutler, former quarterback of the Chicago Bears, among other NFL teams.

Well, the real star was Cutler, Cavallari’s now ex-husband. In late April, Cavallari announced on Instagram that the couple had split after 10 years of marriage, citing that they were “growing apart.” A month later, she announced that “Very Cavallari” was no more. Hearts broke. Tears shed.

For fans of the show, the most upsetting part of it all was no more Cutler. Some folks on social media even campaigned for Cutler to get his own reality show.

While Cutler may get back into TV again in a broadcasting role, it’s unlikely he’d do another reality show. But he unknowingly pitched the perfect one on his first-ever Instagram story on Wednesday night. I give you, “Jay Cutler spying on the animal who is eating the chickens in his backyard.” It’s a working title:

Our money is on that savage with loose morals, Thelma. Cats cannot be trusted under any circumstances.

Cutler provided an update later in the afternoon, as well as this morning. Due to unforeseen weather conditions, it looks like he was unable to catch the culprit in the act:

Thelma, vindicated! Tell me you wouldn’t watch this show weekly? The only problem is, nothing ended up happening. Apparently, Cutler learned nothing from his reality TV days. You must create drama by any means necessary, even if no drama exists. I’d still watch this show either way. There is no such thing as too much Cutty content.