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Jason Dufner wears hilarious New Orleans Saints hat referencing terrible play call while playing in New Orleans

You're forgiven if you haven't paid attention to Jason Dufner and the assortments of hats he has worn over the past year or so. Like other players without a hat sponsorship, Dufner has had the freedom to wear whatever hat he wishes. Except, Dufner's gotten really creative with his headwear, rocking hats from rappers, sports teams and everything in between.

The next iteration of Dufner's hats has come in New Orleans, as the Duf flashed a hat referencing the bad play call in the Saints' NFC Championship Game loss to the Los Angeles Rams. Duf already being a fan favorite, he's taking it up a notch in appealing to "Who Dat nation" with the hat selection.

We thought Dufner had signed a deal before the season with Dude Wipes to wear hats with their logo on it, but it appears they're simply on his sleeve. It's tough to keep up with tour pro endorsements sometimes. Perhaps, if Friday is any evidence, we might be back to a time where Duf rocks a different hat every week. Who knows what will be next.

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