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Jason Dufner wasn't thrilled with Cleveland's 1st-round picks, which could be good news for Browns fans

April 27, 2018

It's been a heckuva 24 hours for Cleveland superfan Jason Dufner. Fresh off LeBron James' latest legendary performance, the five-time PGA Tour winner showed up at the Zurich Classic on Thursday positively beaming:

But his other favorite team curbed his enthusiasm by Thursday night. Dufner's beloved Browns held the first and fourth picks in the 2018 NFL Draft, giving them their best chance of shedding their laughingstock label in years. Of course, it will be awhile before anyone can truly evaluate how Cleveland used its valuable selections, but taking quarterback Baker Mayfield and cornerback Bradley Ward certainly left many people puzzled -- including Dufner.

Classic Dufner sarcasm, but he has a point that the Browns probably could have waited to pick Mayfield fourth. . .

No, they didn't take a left tackle. Maybe in the later rounds. . .

That's right, Jason. Mock draft guys and weathermen have the two best jobs around!

If it's any solace to Duf and the rest of the Dog Pound, Jason has whiffed badly with previous draft day analysis. In 2014, Dufner was all about the Browns drafting Johnny Manziel. And by "all about," we mean Dufner lost his freaking mind when they did. Just look at this string of exuberant tweets from a guy who barely cracks a smile on the golf course:

Yikes. . . Might want to delete those. . .