Jason Dufner got really, REALLY excited when the Cleveland Browns drafted Johnny Manziel

May 09, 2014

Jason Dufner is a tough guy to read. Even when he won a major championship, his celebration was more on par with someone winning a free pair of tube socks.

But that is NOT the case with his favorite sports teams. Last night, his Cleveland Browns were on the clock in the NFL Draft and they didn't disappoint Dufner, taking Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel, aka Johnny Football.

Well, they almost let him down when they didn't take the most-talked-about athlete on the planet right now with their first pick at No. 4 (They traded down for the eighth pick and took a corner back. Boring.), but they got it right -- at least, according to Dufner -- when they picked again at No. 22.

That seems like a normal fan's reaction -- only that wasn't it. Dufner tweeted that photoshopped image of Manziel in a Browns uniform a total of SEVEN times. And here were his following tweets after the selection of the former Heisman Trophy winner:

Wow. . .

Dufner shot a first-round 69 at the Players, but no matter how he plays on Friday, it's going to be tough to bring him down from his Thursday-night high. His team got his guy. Jason, for your sake, we hope it works out.