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A "pissed" Josh Rosen delivered the best quote of the 2018 NFL Draft

April 27, 2018

There are always a few players who don't get their names called as quickly as they hoped on NFL Draft Day. As ESPN pans its camers on them, you can see the anguish in their faces from feeling disrespected -- and realizing they're losing millions with each pick. However, by the time they are selected, it's usually all smiles and cordial sound bytes. Not in the case of Josh Rosen.

One of the most polarizing figures entering the 2018 NFL Draft, the UCLA product probably won as many fans as he lost when he was asked about slipping to the 10th pick and he gave some brutally honest answers. Rosen told reporters he was "pissed" and "really angry" he wasn't chosen in the top 3, and then delivered this gem that we'll have to hear about for the next 15 years if he actually turns into a great player.

"There were nine mistakes ahead of me."

Yeah, this guy is going to hear some boos in certain stadiums.

So why did Rosen fall? Because GMs couldn't overlook the buzziest of all draft buzz phrases. That's right, he had some RED FLAGS. However, they weren't all the usual RED FLAGS that accompany college kids. Simply put, Rosen rubbed some people the wrong way. Scouts wondered if Rosen was too smart, or too political, or too aloof to be a great teammate, or that he didn't love football (GRRRRR FOOTBALL) enough. And then there was this "damning" photo of him having the audacity to have fun like a normal college kid:

If an innocent hot tub pic cost me millions, I'd be pissed too. And having the sense to pull something like that off seems more indicative of future greatness than any Wonderlic score. Anyway, Rosen is going to the Arizona Cardinals and no matter how his career turns out, football fans can expect more candid interactions with the media from him like his draft night assessment and this:

Man, now I really wish my New York Giants drafted him.