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Baker Mayfield perfectly recreates iconic Brett Favre NFL Draft photo, deserves to be drafted No. 1

If you've followed Baker Mayfield's career, it's fair to say he's already cemented his legendary status, at least as a college player. He went from walk-on, true-freshman stud at Texas Tech, to being replaced by Davis Webb (imagine Mayfield replaces him for NYG?), to transferring to Oklahoma, sitting out a year, and then going on to have one of the great three-year runs in college football history, capped off by winning the Heisman Trophy.

While he's yet to throw a pass in the NFL, he may have already become a pro legend thanks to this perfect recreation of Brett Favre's iconic NFL Draft day photo, featuring spot-on details like that absolutely massive wireless phone and the shortest denim shorts one could possibly dream of:

Even down to the exact quote, which seems eerily similar to how Mayfield is currently viewed amongst the quarterback class. The tweet, which has already gotten over 25,000 retweets and 80,000 likes (which is how we judge things now), was so good that Brett Favre felt the need to respond, prompting everyone to ask, "wait, Brett Favre is on Twitter?"

Well played Brett, but you're fooling no one. We all know you still wear that exact pair of jorts when you're wrasslin' gators back home.

Tip of the cap to Baker, who just supplanted Julia Louis-Dreyfus' son as "greatest athlete recreation of another athlete's iconic photo" ever, and now deserves to be selected No. 1 overall because of it. The crazy thing is, that's no longer out of the question, apparently:

Let's hope this isn't true because his career is instantly over if so.