Jaromir Jagr, who is almost 50 years old, is an absolute UNIT, should come back to the NHL as an enforcer

We'd never say never, but it feels safe to declare that Jaromir Jagr's NHL career is officially over, even if he's still a snipe show at the age of 47. No matter how good that wrister still is, few teams have much use for a slow, aging forward who'd have trouble keeping up with the Connor McDavids, Jack Eichels and Mitch Marners of the modern-day NHL.

Perhaps there is another path back to the show for Jagr, who has stated in the past that is goal was to play in the NHL until he was 50, and even beyond. If he were to take on the role of enforcer, which, as we know, is a dying position in the league, maybe he could be of assistance to a club. Unlike Milan Lucic, he'd be an enforcer that could occasionally score once in awhile.

If this sounds like a crazy idea, it shouldn't. Jagr posted a picture of himself shirtless to Instagram on Tuesday, and he looks like a guy we would NOT want to mess with, on or off the ice:

Goodness, gracious, what an absolute UNIT. We were half-kidding about the enforcer thing, but after seeing this, he might want to consider it. According to, Jagr never fought in his career, and why would he? A player with his skill should never be tussling, though he couldn't avoid it entirely:

Clearly, fighting was not one of his strong suits, but the way he looks now at 47 years old, maybe he could hold his own. He always had one of the strongest lower body's in the sport, and now he's got the upper body to match. It's highly unlikely a team will ever give him one more chance, but we can dream.