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Jared Goff got his O-line beer coolers and Henny for Christmas

December 21, 2017
NFL: DEC 10 Eagles at Rams

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Jared Goff has had a hell of a year. Even if his Rams get dumped out of the divisional round by the Panthers in a few weeks' time, there should be no complaints around Los Angeles. First of all, it's LA, what are you complaining about? Second, the Rams now have a fantastic young coach, a D-line devouring running back, and a potential franchise QB who is starting to play (and act) like an actual franchise QB. Just check out these videos from Rams' right guard Jamon Brown and you'll see what we mean:

Instead of some ridiculous hunting trip where the odds of your left tackle accidentally shooting the right tackle seem unnervingly high (see Carson Wentz's Christmas sabbatical last year), when it came time to reward his big/uglies for all their hard work this season, Goff leaned on the classiest, most time-honored gift-giving tradition of them all: Booze. But not just any booze. Awesome YETI coolers and cooler bags for the brews and a nice bottle of Hennessy X.O—a limited-edition $200 cognac blooming with notes of candied fruit and wild cocoa—for the fireside.

Goff could go on to scorch the Eagles D for four touchdowns in the NFC Championship game. He could win the damn Super Bowl with a game-winning fourth-quarter drive. Neither of those admittedly pretty far-fetched hypotheticals would be his true "elite quarterback" coming-out party, however, because said party already happened—in the locker room on Wednesday afternoon with the hawgs and the Henny.