Keeping Receipts

Jalen Ramsey gave up a perfect passer rating to Josh Allen, a guy he once called “trash,” on Thursday night

September 09, 2022

Jalen Ramsey is a defensive back. Defensive backs like to run their mouths. In fact, for most defensive backs in the year 2022, it’s what they do best. If they’re actually able to cover a guy, that's just a bonus. Ask Ramsey. On Thursday night, minutes after raising a Super Bowl banner in their own building, Ramsey and the Rams got cooked by the Buffalo Bills 31-10. In the process, Ramsey coughed up a perfect passer rating to Josh Allen, who attacked his side of the field without hesitation time and time again.

Not the sort of “shutdown” you want to see from your “shutdown” guy. But wait, it gets juicier. As you may recall, Ramsey—then a member of the Jaguars—put his Josh Allen hatred on the record after the Bills drafted the Wyoming QB in 2018, calling him “trash,” criticizing his turnovers, and insulting the size of his school, among other things …

First of all LMAO at the Florida State pride. Those really were different times. Second of all, this elevates Allen’s performance on Thursday from solid to all-time revenge game. He’s been waiting for this moment for four years, biding his time, honing his craft. Then when the opportunity finally came, the Rams championship banner ascending to the rafters, a national-TV audience watching on, he picked Ramsey apart like a rotisserie chicken. Brutal stuff.

Let this be a lesson to all the budding cornerbacks out there. Maybe it’s time to try a new approach. Maybe it’s time to let your cover skills do the talking. Because the internet never forgets and neither does Josh Allen.