Famous Jameis

Jameis Winston breaking down the human body is exactly the video you think it is

September 08, 2022

For the past two seasons, we've been robbed of the content gold mine that is Jameis Winston. First, he sat behind Drew Brees AND Taysom Hill in 2020, and then in 2021, after getting the New Orleans Saints off to a 5-2 start, he suffered an ACL tear that ended his season. For shame.

Lucky for us, Winston is a full go for 2022, having signed a two-year extension in NOLA this past March and re-earning the starting job. Football fans will be on the edge of their seats every week, wondering which version of Winston we're going to get. He's like the discount version of Brett Favre in that every time he drops back to pass, there is potential for the play of the year or epic disaster. 

More importantly, though, we get to see Winston back behind the mic on a regular basis, where he does some of his best work, and by best work we mean incoherent ramblings about how the human body works. Take it away, No. 2:

It makes so little sense that it actually might make sense. Does this look like a guy who doesn't know what he's talking about?


Don't answer that. 

Whatever he's saying, we still enjoy listening to it, and the internet enjoys roasting the hell out of it. Remember his fascinating interpretation of "glass half full"?

Or the time he confused the word "tandem" for "condom":

Or, my personal favorite, his "we some dogs, we ain't no puppies" speech, which also featured the all-time great line "we got a quarterback who's gonna toss that thang":

Simply nobody like him in the sport. Good to have football back, GREAT to have Jameis back.