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Incredible footage following J.R. Smith's NBA Finals fail shows Cavs had NO chance in OT

June 04, 2018

The memes of an incredulous LeBron James gesturing at J.R. Smith following his NBA Finals fail have become more ubiquitous than Geico commercials. Move over, Crying Jordan, you have been replaced. But as many times as you've seen the boneheaded play at the end of Game 1, this video of what happened after is a must see. Well, maybe not if you're a Cavs fan. Then it's tough to watch.

Check out the incredible footage of the two-and-a-half minutes following Smith forgetting the score and dribbling out the clock. Let's just say there wasn't a whole lot of talking on that Cavs bench.

About the only thing you can see someone saying is LeBron asking head coach Ty Lue (What took him so long to get there, by the way! You've got to rally your troops!) "Did we have no timeouts?" When Lue tells him they did have a timeout, LeBron looks like he's about to lose it. And can you blame him? The dude had just put forth one of the all-time great performances in NBA history only to have a pair of teammates (Yeah, George Hill, you're not off the hook for missing that free throw) blow the game in the final seconds.

LeBron eventually puts his hand in the huddle before the team breaks to go back on the court, but cadavers aren't that lifeless. The Cavs were absolutely done at that point. And it showed when they got ran off the court by the Warriors in overtime. I just wish I could have seen this scene as it unfolded and placed a live wager. Would have made a killing.