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If you thought James Harden was unstoppable, wait until you see his ridiculous new move

August 21, 2019

Perhaps no NBA star has ever expanded his bag of offensive tricks like James Harden. Despite being the league's most lethal scorer, the Houston Rockets lefty continues to add new moves at a faster clip than Kevin Hart makes movies. Harden's latest might be his most ridiculous—and most unguardable.

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Get ready for the running one-handed(!) three-pointer.

The Rockets traded for Russell Westbrook in the off-season, but who needs him when you have someone you can do that? Seriously, if Harden has mastered this absurd move, he might average 50 points per game next season.

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And the best part? Unlike some of The Beard's previous concoctions, this one isn't a travel. Not that that matters in the NBA, where traveling violations are called almost as infrequently as slow-play penalties on the PGA Tour. But still, just in case a ref is feeling frisky with the whistle, this is all good.

In any event, to the rest of the NBA, you've been warned.

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