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Dennis Smith Jr. pulls off incredibly nasty dunk, gives Knicks fans a glimmer of hope

July 25, 2019

No matter how you spin it, the New York Knicks had a disappointing off-season in failing to land any of the prized free agents. Heck, they didn't even get Long Island native Tobias Harris, and had two of the biggest names—Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving—spurn them for the city rival Brooklyn Nets. As Stephen A. Smith would say, though, HOWEVAH, they still have reason to hope for a brighter future.

Actually, that's not true. As we've seen with some spectacular on-air rants in recent months, the lifelong Knicks fan would be the last person to say that. He's as disillusioned about this franchise as anyone. But even the ESPN pundit would admit the team has one of the best human highlight reels in the league: Dennis Smith Jr.

The book is still out on the 21-year-old as an NBA point guard—Can he lead a contender or is he just a taller Nate Robinson?—but there's no debating he has some of the most ridiculous hops in the league. Check out his latest jaw-dropping jam:

Unbelievable. When Isaiah Rider pulled that move off in the 1994 Dunk Contest it blew people's minds. But now guys like Smith are catching the ball off the bounce mid-air and pulling it off with ease. You gotta love EVOLUTION.

In any event, the Knicks might not win a lot of games next season, but fans at Madison Square Garden should still see plenty of highlights thanks to this guy. Dunks like these put asses in the seats. It's science.