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Devin Booker got upset over being double-teamed in a pickup game. Joakim Noah was having none of it

To reach the heights he has in his NBA career, Joakim Noah had to give 100 percent of his effort every time he stepped on the basketball court. Whether it was in the National Championship game, the Eastern Conference Finals, or a pick up game, you could guarantee Noah would leave it all on the floor.

So it should come as no surprise that, at 34 years old and in the final act of his career, Noah is still going all out during the off season in an open gym with other NBA stars. In a viral video from a pickup game, Phoenix Suns guard Devin Booker receives a pass from Miami Heat forward Justise Winslow and immediately goes to work. Just as he begins to make a move, he pump fakes and a voice can be heard yelling "GO Snell!" That's the voice of Noah, who is telling Detroit Pistons guard Tony Snell to run over and double team Booker in the corner.

This made Booker visibly upset, understandable given these summer pickup games are usually laid back affairs. No one is going too hard, and it's mostly just a vehicle for everyone to get up shots. Unless, of course, you're playing against Noah, who was having absolutely none of Booker's tears over being double-teamed. Check out the hilarious clip:

"Hey bro, we're not doubling in open gym bro," says Booker, to which Noah immediately shouts back "yeah we are!" So good. This clip is like a father teaching his son a hard lesson. I got to say, I'm fully on team Noah here. "Let's work on our game" ? Booker says himself that he gets doubled all year, so wouldn't part of "working on your game" be facing double teams? If Booker wants to chuck up shots by basically playing against air, he should go to whatever gym Hoodie Melo plays at. If you're playing with Joakim, you better come prepared to actually try.