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Ian Poulter is taking credit for letting one rip loud enough for mics to hear during final round

June 28, 2020

Icon Sportswire

Brooks Koepka recently made his case for PGA Tour pros not needing to be mic'd up by saying if announcers "would just shut up, they could hear everything." We're not sure he had what happened on Sunday in mind.

Ian Poulter was not mic'd up, but that didn't keep cameras from catching him passing gas during the final round of the Travelers Championship. Right after playing partner Greg Chalmers teed off on the opening hole, Poulter let an epic fart rip. And don't think Chalmers didn't notice.

Poulter asks, "Did you get that?" And Chalmers responds, "Stay over there." Here's the funny exchange:

Poor Chalmers. Again, this was his opening tee shot! That must have been a long round.

Poulter, meanwhile, seemed rather proud of his work.

And he loved the fact that some people thought Chalmers had dealt it.

Well, not anymore. Everyone knows if was you now, Ian. And everyone would have heard that even if the announcers were talking. Good lord, what did you have for lunch, man?