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This Hunter Renfroe walk-off howitzer might be the best throw of the MLB season so far

September 09, 2021

You don’t run on Hunter Renfroe. Write it down so you don’t forget it. The Boston Red Sock leads the majors in outfield assists this season, and it’s not particularly close, lapping the next closest outfielder by four. With 15 to his name heading into Wednesday night, you wouldn’t have blamed Renfroe for breaking out the lawn chair and putting his feet up, but instead Renfroe stepped up and delivered what might well be the best throw of the MLB season thus far. Watch this ...

Obviously the throw is bonkers. Right field to third base, on a line, one hop, boom. Got him. The context, however, makes it even crazier. Top of the ninth, two outs, 2-1 ballgame against the AL East-leading Rays with a Wild Card berth hanging in the balance, and Renfroe does this to essentially walk it off. That takes stones of granite. If the ball sails, Wendle scores and we’re singing a very different tune, but it didn’t. It was inch perfect in a game of inches.

As for the Sox, the win keeps them in the AL’s first Wild Card spot, a half game ahead of the dreaded Yankees and slightly less dreaded Blue Jays. A word of advice for those two teams as they continue their September chase: Don’t run on Renfroe … did we say that already?