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How to hit a bump and run: A 5-step refresher on golf's most reliable shot

January 13, 2024

If you're wondering how to hit a bump and run shot, I've got good news for you: It's easy! The bump and run shot was forged in the winds in Scotland with hickory clubs, a combination which made going low golfers' only option. Make a few small adjustments, mostly to your setup, and you'll have a shot you can depend on. Rain, or shine; good or bad days; knowing how to hit a bump and run shot will always show up for you. Joe Plecker, Director of Instruction, Landings Club, Savannah, Ga., Golf Digest Best in State Teacher

How to Hit A Bump And Run

  • Choose a short iron
  • Stand closer to the ball
  • Raise the club slightly
  • Align grip with forearms
  • Make a putting stroke

How to Hit a Bump and Run #1: Choose short iron

When you have a long space to cover between you and the pin, with no need of lobbing it over anything, you're in bump and run territory. Choosing a high-lofted iron like a seven, eight or nine iron, is the most efficient route. The reduced loft means less spin, and more roll. You can make a smaller stroke, which will reduce your room for error.

How to Hit a Bump and Run #2: Stand closer

The next three parts of this how to hit a bump and run article all work together, and we'll see why. First, we need to stand a little closer to the ball...

How to Hit a Bump and Run #3: Raise the club

As you take a step or two towards the ball, notice how I'm standing the club more upright along with it. Raise the shaft angle gets my hands higher, which reduces the mobility in my wrists.

How to Hit a Bump and Run #4: Align with forearm

A good checkpoint for this is making sure the grip of the club aligns with the inside of my forearm. That creates a little more stability in my wrists, and allows my club to work with my shoulders. Wrists are good for high chip shots, not so much for bump and run shots.

How to Hit a Bump and Run #5: Putting stroke

The motion here is essentially the same as a putting stroke. A small swing powered by a rocking of your shoulders, with your head staying down.

How to Hit a Bump and Run #5: Trust the loft

As you hit the ball, remember that the loft of the club will do the hard work for you. With minimal effort, the ball will pop off the face with just enough height and speed to get you through the longer grass, and begin tumbling like a putt once it gets on a smoother surface. Keep it super simple and you'll find that knowing how to hit a bump and run shot will become your go-to.

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