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A basic 3-step golf grip checklist every golfer should use

September 02, 2023

The only connection golfer's have to the club is with their hands, yet so many never think about how to grip a golf club. The grip isn't a one size fits all. Every golfer has a slightly different structure to their arms and body. To deliver a square clubface, some will need their trail hand more on top of the club. Others, more under. But the basics of the grip hold true, and golfers should check them often. Here's how. — Joe Plecker, Director of Instruction, Landings Club, Savannah, Ga., Golf Digest Best in State Teacher

How To Grip A Golf Club

  • Start with the club at your side
  • Hinge the club up with your lead wrist
  • Place your trail hand in your fingers

How To Grip A Golf Club Step #1: At Your Side

Your arm is in its most natural position when it’s hanging down by your side. This is a great place to grip the golf club your lead hand. Notice that my elbow is bent, and that my wrist is soft. I'm not doing anything rigid here; with the weight of the club on the ground, I'm just letting my arm rest in its own natural position at my side. Most golfers will have a lead hand grip where the palm is turned slightly inward, so it’s facing their left thigh.

How To Grip A Golf Club Step #2: Hinge up

Once you’ve found a comfortable grip by your side, hinge the club up with your lead wrist. Your wrist needs to have this range of motion as you swing, so it will help clarify what a good grip is for you. If you hinge the club up and the clubface begins to open or close, return the club to your side, adjust your hand position, and start again. It’s a great check for the position of your lead hand because it mimics the action that you're going to see in the golf swing.

How To Grip A Golf Club Step #3: Grip in fingers

There’s a whole spectrum of ways golfers can place their trail hand on the club. Some golfers’ hands will be more under the grip, some on the side, and others more on top. But no matter who you are, the club should be in the fingers for your trail hand, so your trail palm cradles your lead hand thumb. If more players did that, it would be hugely beneficial for their games.

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