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How to hit a fade: A 3-step fade power formula to solve your hook

August 26, 2023

Most amateur golfers struggle with a slice. If that sounds like you, there's a good chance you may be overdoing some of these elements, and I'd encourage you to look at our How to Hit A Draw recipe. But if you're struggling with a hook, or a severe right-to-left ball flight, knowing how to hit a fade can condition your swing to get it back to the nice, straight ball flight you want. Even though most golfers won't work the ball on most holes, you never know. Understand the steps below, and it could become a shot you use on the course. — Joe Plecker, Director of Instruction, Landings Club, Savannah, Ga., Golf Digest Best in State Teacher

How To Hit A Fade

  • Align your shoulders to the left
  • Rotate your trail hand over the club
  • Release your lead arm over your trail

How To Hit A Fade Step #1: Shoulders To The Left

First, open your shoulders by aligning them with something that’s slightly left of your target, for right-handed golfers. This will allow you to swing in the direction of your shoulders and promote a more out-to-in path of the clubhead. This is the first essential step for knowing how to hit a fade.

How To Hit A Fade Step #2: Trail Hand Over

Your shoulders will help you swing to the left of your target. Your hands will help you open the clubface slightly. The two together will promote a fading ball flight. To weaken your grip for a fade, place your trail hand more on top of the grip. If you’ve done it right, your trail thumb will be directly in line with your clubhead.

How To Hit A Fade Step #3: Lead Arm Above Trail

Keeping your lead arm above your trail arm through the finish will prevent you from rolling your wrists over too much—which usually causes players to close the clubface. As you swing your arms thorugh, fell your trail arm more under your lead arm through impact to maintain an open clubface.

How To Hit A Fade Step #4: Swing Away

As you swing, visualize the shape your want your ball to travel.

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