Happy Hour

Your first beer at this Tennessee golf course costs the score of your round (in cents!)

For many, the drive to improve—to whittle decimal points off their handicap one grueling range session at a time—comes from within. Maybe it’s the way they were raised. Maybe it’s a chemical imbalance. The rest of us, however, need a little motivation from time to time; a carrot to get us out of bed and on the tee box before the birds are even up. That’s where Nashville’s Hermitage Golf Course comes in, offering a post-round deal where you get your first beer for the price of what you shot … in cents. Ladies, gentleman, high-functioning alcoholics of earth, let’s go low.

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As you can see, this guy carded a 74, meaning he got his first pint for just under three quarters. You’re not going to shoot 74, don’t even try, but if you manage to break 100, you still get your beer for under a buck. In a modern world where deals have gone the way of the Dodo, that is an absolute steal.

God only knows how long this lasts—every bachelor party on the planet is now scrambling to book their flights to Nashville—but if you’re within spitting distance of Hermitage Golf Course and you’ve never played it, well, get in while the getting is good. And as always, remember to tip your bartender.