Stop, Drop and Roll

Golfer’s bag catches on fire and shockingly putting it out with whiskey doesn’t help

Have you ever thought about what you would do if your golf bag caught on fire? You’ve probably thought about what you would do if your house caught on fire (save your golf bag) or your car (make sure your golf bag isn’t in the trunk), but odds are you haven’t worried too much about your bag itself spontaneously combusting. In the event that it ever should, however, remain calm and do exactly the opposite of these guys, who responded to a small fire breaking out in one of their side pockets by dumping a flask full of whiskey on the flames.

Needless to say, you don’t ever want to be escaping a burning building with The Four Stooges here. Their first response to the fire, likely caused by a cheap butane lighter or overheated electronic device in the pocket, is to pour alcohol—an accelrant—on it. Either they've never had a flaming shot of 151 or they've already had several. Tough to say.

Their next galaxy-brain idea is to start shoving their bare hands into the flames to rescue items from the pockets. Good work, definitely keep doing that. Then one hero begins flinging the clubs from the bag in a desperate attempt to keep his grips from turning into scorching black goo. At no point does anyone think to pull the bag off the cart, place it on the concrete cart path and stamp out the flames with their feet.

In their defense, this all happens fast and nobody expects to look down mid-round and see their bag on fire. Of the seemingly infinite array of concerns that might pop up on the golf course, this is not one of them. Still though, a quick fire safety refresher might be in order. Over to you, Smokey the Bear.