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Harry Kane misses hole-in-one in most gutting fashion imaginable

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Like his former Tottenham Hotspur teammate Gareth Bale, Harry Kane is a bit of a golf freak. The England number nine, who calls Centurion Club in Hemel Hempstead home, made our 2018 list of Best Athlete Golfers, clocking in as a 4 handicapper on the back of his first-ever sub-par round (immediately prompting shrieks of "sandbagger!" from our very own Alex Myers.)

While frankly a more meaningful milestone, Kane very nearly claimed the one for which all golfers truly pine—the ever-skittish hole-in-one—on Monday only to be denied in the most brutal fashion imaginable. Spurs fans, you might want to look away.

So go ahead, Gooners, trot those dusty bottle-job jokes out of whatever Europa League broom closet you're storing them in. We're more interested in the fact that Kane married his longtime girlfriend on Friday and was out there hunting flagsticks just over 48 hours later. That, ladies and gentleman, is 115% pure, uncut commitment.