Get In, Mate

England striker Harry Kane takes break from Euro 2020 quarterfinal prep to put on absolute short-game clinic

England are in the throes of a massive Euro 2020 run. Four games into the tournament, and they’ve yet to concede a goal. They won their group and beat Germany in the round-of-16 knockout. Their fans are showing up at pubs at 7 a.m. to support them and the draw has opened up, giving them the opportunity to cruise all the way to the final with wins against Ukraine and either the Czech Republic or Denmark. It couldn’t be going better for Three Lions, which as any self-respecting Brit will tell you, is the surest sign things are about to get terribly, horribly wrong.

You wouldn’t know it to watch England number nine (and Gareth Bale-rivaling golf nut) Harry Kane on Thursday, however, unwinding 48 hours before England’s big quarterfinal showdown with Ukraine by putting on an absolute short-game clinic for the Sky Sports cameras. Get in, mate.

Kane, who led the Premier League in both goals and assists last season, broke his Euros duck against Germany on Tuesday, and judging by his performance with a pitching wedge in his hands, Ukraine better hold on their butts. The man can’t miss right now and when he gets going like this, there’s simply nothing left to do but curl up in the fetal position and pray.

Kane, who is the subject of rampant transfer speculation this summer, is clearly missing his offseason golf time something fierce. If England go on and win it all, though, it will be worth the sacrifice . . . well, just about.