Shooter McGavin actor Christopher McDonald looked like he partied a bit too hard at Sunday’s Buffalo Bills game

October 17, 2023

Here’s a fun fact you may not know about Shooter McGavin actor Christopher McDonald: He’s a die-hard, card-carrying member of Bills Mafia. Back in 2017, at the height of the mob's reign of tailgate terror, we wrote about the native New Yorker partying with Buffalo Bills fans before a game against the division-rival New York Jets. It was a scene.

Apparently McDonald had such a good time that he decided to run it back for a sequel this weekend, heading to Highmark Stadium to watch the Bills defeat the Giants 14-9 on Sunday night. Unfortunately this time McDonald may have overdone it a bit, with the former gold jacket winner seen leaving his suite late at halftime looking a little worse for the wear. TMZ, as always, has the footage.

Yeesh, we know those sea legs when we see ‘em. Shooter wouldn’t have been caught dead this faded in public—he wasn’t big on those rock concerts after all—but McDonald is another story. The actor has had a checkered history with alcohol and was arrested for drunk driving back in 2017 after crashing his Porsche into a Los Angeles gas station. Here’s hoping he’s alright and got a ride home after the game.